AGM and hash #512. 1/6/07 at Around the Corner in Lakewood

The pack gathered at Around the Corner, the past meeting place for several of our AGM's. The Hare, Capitol Queen, had a sprained ankle so the desgnated grunt, Broken Boner had to stand in and hare the trail. Other participants were Squeeky Cheeks, Tie Me Up, Ass Transit, Money Shot, Butt Buddy, Cums Out Her Nose, Little tramp, Dr. Finger Fuck, Brown and Runny, H.I.R. Lewis, Dick Long and Prosper, and Short Hares. Blown Opportunity showed up for a visit but she had grandma duty so she couldn't run the trail but is was sure good to see her. Also not running the trail because of being late cummers were Chocolate Box and CWAB.

This was a live trail and the pack gave the hare a 4 minute head start. The first beer stop was at the Sloan Pub where we swilled beer and played Trivial Persuit. (imagine half minds doing that.) The second beer stop was at the Put-In-Bay Lakewood which is half bowling alley and half bar. We sat in a boat and chatted till the hare decided it was time to walk the pack back to Around the Corner.

Squeeky and Queeny conducted the circle. The hares drank, the criminals drank, the visitors drank. I think we all drank. The food came out and we called a halt to the circle.

The hash has a new look with some fresh faces in key positions. Elected to Grand Master was Ass Transit. Reelected to Grand Mattress was Capitol Queen. Our new Religious Advisor is now Squeeky Cheeks. Hash Cash was handed to Little Tramp. Squeeky Cheeks remains our On-Sec-Hash-Flash. Julia Child didn't show up so we reelected him as On-Sec-Porno-Publisher. Our new Hare Raiser is now Butt Buddy. Our Ambassador to the Clueless was taken from Biff Demcheck and given to Money Shot who repeatedly asked "what the hell is the job of ambassador to the clueless?" Get a clue man, get a clue. Our new Schpank-o-matrix is now Tie Me Up who improvised a schpanking stick by rolling up a news paper and schpanking Brown and Runny right there on the spot. We have two new Hash Harlotts, Mensa Cycle and Little Tramp. Biff Demcheck was stripped of all three of his titles in an incredible fall from power. The webmaster is and was Broken Boner who will also have to learn some songs because he is now the new Song Meister. Our new Haberdasher is Cums Out Her Nose. The Hash Hotline was taken from our departing Too Drunk and given to Dr. Finger Fuck. And last but not least, Rear Ender Tu remains our Hash Historian.

We decided to keep the full moon runs but put them back on the date of the full moon instead of the closest Friday. The hare gets to chose the time. I was in the bathroom at the time so I couldn't object to the concept of the hare chosing the time. Our other runs remain the first Saturday and third Sunday of each month at 3:00 p.m.. There was no talk of having a camping weekend this year. I'm still trying to recover from last years weekend. Some of the ladies present got a guided tour of the mens room and admired the tripple wide stainless steel urinal. I detected a hint of envy. It's the type of unit that has no deviders and a flat bottom below your feet so when your urine streem hits it, droplets bounce out onto your pants and shoes. You also hope the guy standing next to you has good aim. That's about all I can remember.


Broken Boner

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